European soccer leagues

european soccer leaguesTo say that soccer betting is the biggest market in this industry would be an understatement, but as many suspect, European soccer leagues receive the greatest attention from punters. One explanation for why the old continent and its domestic championships are preferred by players is that there are dozens of countries with several divisions each. Add to this the fact that the Champions League and Europa League. Pit the best teams against each other and it is easy to understand why the interest for European soccer is growing.

Every weekend, all major European leagues schedule fixtures and the Premier League, Primera Division, Ligue 1, Serie A or the Bundesliga steal the show most of the time. The vast majority of those who choose to bet on soccer on weekends, will focus on these five leagues, due to the big names. Teams such Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Liverpool, AC Milan, Inter Milano or Bayern Munchen are expected to win match after match.

Obviously, even these European giants sometimes commit mistakes and their opponents cause big upsets in soccer betting, but this doesn’t have a deterring effect on punters. Even though it is not a wise thing to bet on derbies and players should try to extract value from less balanced games, very few resist the temptation. Given the fact that the most important games in European football are broadcasted live by numerous televisions, it is easy to watch your favorite team in action even if you live in another country.

Those who are hell-bent on betting on a game for the simple reason that they plan on watching it the same afternoon or evening, are taking some chances. To mitigate the risks, these punters are advised to seek professional counsel, which in this case refers to reading betting tips and predictions. As long as the source is trustworthy and the author competent, the odds of winning even when betting on seemingly perfectly matched teams can be profitable.